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Eyelash Extensions

Craft Your Dream Eyelashes With Us

Whether you want your eyelashes fuller, longer, more dramatic or just want to emphasize your natural lashes, our specialists will craft your dream lashes for you. Tell us your desired look, and we will ensure that your lashes look real and healthy throughout their lifespan.

Services Offered

Classic Lash Extension Set

This procedure is one of the more popular sets applied to clients. The classic set enhances your natural lashes by adding length and curl. Isolating 1 natural lash and applying 1 lash extension is done to achieve this set.

Volume Lash Extensions Set

This application is done using custom hand-made fans consisting of multiple lightweight lash extensions. Each fan is applied to 1 natural lash after proper isolation. This technique provides a more lush and dramatic look.

Hybrid/Mix Lash Extension Set

This set is the best of both worlds. The hybrid/mix set gives the definition of classic and the fullness of volume. This is typically applied as ½ classic and ½ volume (50/50). This set provides just the right amount of volume without all the drama.

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