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Our Anti-Aging


Our Beauty Treatments

At Radiant Expressions, we bring you successful results with our anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting treatments. Our neurotoxin injections can soften and temporarily improve the appearance of wrinkles from your face, leaving you glowing and looking young. 

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Neurotoxin Injections

Wrinkles we see on our faces are as a result of the many facial expressions we perform everyday. 

 Botulinum Toxin A (such as Botox® and Dysport ®) works by weakening or relaxing the muscles of facial expression which are inserted into the surface of the facial skin.

Once the resting tone of these muscles are weakened, the pulling action of these muscles relaxes and the skin “flattens” out. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to soften and in some cases, become eliminated.

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